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Privacy Policy

Send Help stores all messages sent and received by its users for up to 7 days.  Messages older than 7 days are deleted and completely purged from our system.

Your account data and any messages sent using our platform are private information that will only be shared if required by law for legal reasons.  No user account information is shared with or sold to any third parties.  We do NOT data mine, sift through, or search your data for any nefarious purposes.  We respect your right to privacy, and we will do our best to ensure that your account information is secure and inaccessible to anyone outside of this site.

Terms of Service

Send Help may only be used for legal purposes.  Any payments or donations made to Send Help are non-refundable.  Send Help allows you to send emergency messages anonymously to existing Send Help inboxes.  You may create and use only one message inbox.  Messaging limits and other restrictions apply.  Send Help cannot be held responsible for any user initiated content or actions.  Send Help is a free platform and may not be a reliable emergency service.  Users use Send Help at their own risk and consent knowing that Send Help may not be useful during an emergency situation.


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